Greece – Crete // Travel Video

Hello people,

Manage to finally finish the Crete video from last year! Yes, I know were in 2017. But life gets so busy in London.

I and my friends visited Greece last October for my birthday. We spent a week there, the weather wasn’t too bad, well I mean it didn’t stop us from jumping into the swimming pool.

We hired some quad bikes for the duration of our stay so we had the flexibility of hopping on and going sightseeing and exploring the area. Must say the food was pretty decent but most of the restaurant was trying to replicate English dishes, which makes sense as Greece gets a lot of tourists every year but would have loved to see some traditional dishes.

Overall it was a brilliant stay, the people were friendly and helpful. Will definitely like to revisit one day but explore a different part of Greece.  Enjoy the video.


Equipment used:
iPhone 7 Plus –
GoPro Hero –
iPhone Tripod –
Premier Pro CC –


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