Portugal – Albuferia // Travel Video

Like everyone else, we needed a break from the busy work life. So we packed our bags and flew out to Portugal – Albufereia. Enjoyed a great week away with the sunshine around the clock. Everywhere we visited we found people to be very polite and helpful.

We took a boat ride for the day and had BBQ at the beach also we went around all the famous caves. We were told by the excursion establishment that there’s an 80% chance we could see some dolphins on the day but they couldn’t 100% guarantee us?! That moment when you look at each other and say… OKAY?!. So poor Samad (friend) didn’t see any dolphins on the day! 😦

I used my iPhone 7 Plus throughout the entire holiday and shot the whole trip at 60fps 1080p and then slowed it down in Premier Pro. Ohh almost forgot I use the GoPro hero for the water scenes anyway I hope you like the video 🙂 have a great day…

Equipment used:
â–ºiPhone 7 Plus – https://goo.gl/ANf7Wr
â–ºGoPro Hero – https://goo.gl/4418AY
â–ºiPhone Tripod – https://goo.gl/myTufq
â–ºPremier Pro CS6/CC – https://goo.gl/h6ZjNn



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