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Welcome to my blog!

My passion for photography started at an early age. When I was around 11 years old, I would run off with my dad’s reusable Kodak camera and then the day came when my dad gave me the option of, at the time a Game Boy or a pre-owned Canon PowerShot 600, I went for the camera and as an 11 year old, this was the toughest decision that I had to make. I was over the moon when I got the camera, it gave me so much joy and with the look on my father’s face, that proudness was absolutely priceless. I knew that this was it for me.

After owning an entry level Canon 50D followed by a Canon 550D, I saw what a DSLR was capable of, I played around with all the settings and pushed it as far as I can, mistakes after mistakes, all the frustrations of  trying to capture the perfect shot, I never gave up. I used all the resources available to me at the time – books, internet, magazines, visiting galleries for inspiration and talking to others with the same interest, to try to get to grips with just the basics. The whole journey was fascinating, every day it widened my knowledge and my passion for photography grew. I was in search of my own stamp!

As time changed and I grew up, technology became ‘the thing’.  David Lachapelle’s work stood out to me, the way he captured images and what he did with them to make it stand out, the vibrant colours, and of course it helped that he was photographing A-listers. I went ahead  and invested in the ­Adobe Photoshop package, I wanted to see what I could create and teach myself something new, nothing like Lachapelle’s work but something of my own, whether it be just touching up or highlighting a certain part of an image and so on.  This brought my creativeness to a different light, and I worked with my images and manipulated them… so this was the start of digital technology for me.

My passion for photography grew further, when I was involved in a car accident. Following this, I spent a lot of time figuring out what was best for me and what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to take my passion for photography to the next level and start my own business. Thankfully, I am truly grateful that I had someone I could turn to financially to help make a start, Ayaz, a childhood friend. My first instinct was to make use of what I had around me. Coming from an Asian background I attended a fair amount of weddings, I took this opportunity to capture as many images as possible. I selected a few from each event, played around with them and then selected the best ones and built my first portfolio. This was it – the basis of my company and the start of my photography career.

I chose the name ZAZA photography for my company because of the meaning of the word ZAZA – “movement and moments” this represented what I wanted in a company as a whole. ZAZA Photography was established in April 2012 in the city of Sheffield and then relocated to London, within the first quarter I made a substantial amount of profit.

I currently own a Canon 5D Mark III with various lenses. I started the business using Canon 5D mark II.

This blog will be showcasing the work I capture in my spare time from; landscape, portrait, candid, shots alongside my wedding images. I wanted to show that as a photographer that I don’t limit myself when it comes to photographing images, I spend a fair amount of time taking pictures of my surroundings and most of them are just sat in my hard drive unseen.





13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your eye & your story. I’m just a mom with a mid-range point & shoot camera – but I’m blessed to have friends who are professional like you and I have tagged along in a few instances to help out on shoots (equipment is heavy) so I make a point to pay attention. I’m also married to an Indian and how I wish we would have had a more Fashion/Editorial style photographer for our wedding in India. Since your Instagram and WordPress seem to have different images I guess I’ll have to follow you in both places 🙂


    1. Wow thank you so much for the kind words it really means a lot, honestly! ☺️. Just checked out your blog and honestly speaking your an exceptional blogger! Well done and keep it up!

      I know tell me about it every time I go on a shoot, I’m always struggling to carry everything at once but practice will make better- keep at it! I’m sure you can still go ahead and do the shoot in India again but this time how you want it! 😉

      Thank you for following both of my accounts, yes they are both different from each other as I wanted to keep them separate and not fully mix the wedding shoots with the shots I do in my spare time and wanted to showcase my approach to life through the light gathering lens…

      Thank you once again for stopping by, have a great evening….

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