Portugal – Albuferia // Travel Video

Like everyone else, we needed a break from the busy work life. So we packed our bags and flew out to Portugal – Albufereia. Enjoyed a great week away with the sunshine around the clock. Everywhere we visited we found people to be very polite and helpful.

We took a boat ride for the day and had BBQ at the beach also we went around all the famous caves. We were told by the excursion establishment that there’s an 80% chance we could see some dolphins on the day but they couldn’t 100% guarantee us?! That moment when you look at each other and say… OKAY?!. So poor Samad (friend) didn’t see any dolphins on the day! 😦

I used my iPhone 7 Plus throughout the entire holiday and shot the whole trip at 60fps 1080p and then slowed it down in Premier Pro. Ohh almost forgot I use the GoPro hero for the water scenes anyway I hope you like the video 🙂 have a great day…

Equipment used:
►iPhone 7 Plus – https://goo.gl/ANf7Wr
►GoPro Hero – https://goo.gl/4418AY
►iPhone Tripod – https://goo.gl/myTufq
►Premier Pro CS6/CC – https://goo.gl/h6ZjNn



I’m a little late! – Easter weekend in London


Hi all,

Here’s a video I put together from the Easter holiday that passed us. We visited the the museum in Kensington, Camden Town and Brick Lane Market. It was great to have my friends from Sheffield and France to visit me in London.

I Shot this video on the iPhone 7 Plus at 60fps – 1080p and then in post I slow it down also a huge thank you to EVATE MUSIC for letting me use his FLP remake of Cruise. – Link to his channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsFQHPLfZXzmgTDnYE8X09w

Hope you enjoy the video.


Equipment used:

iPhone 7 Plus – https://goo.gl/ANf7Wr
GoPro Hero – https://goo.gl/4418AY
iPhone Tripod – https://goo.gl/myTufq
Premier Pro CS6/CC – https://goo.gl/h6ZjNn



France – Dinard & Quiberon // Travel Video

Good morning,

I have put together a video from my trip to France, we manage to visit few different cities around Rennes. We visited Dinard, then Dinan on the same day also Quiberon later that week.

In modern history, Dinard was first settled by Saint-Malo’s shipping merchants who built some of the town’s magnificent houses, very few of which survive. In the late 19th century American and British aristocrats made Dinard popular as a fashionable summer resort, and they built stunning villas on the cliff tops and exclusive hotels by the sea front.

Dinan, on the other hand, was like a movie set from the Medieval era. The medieval town on the hilltop has many fine old buildings, some of which date from the 13th century. The town retains a large section of the city walls, part of which can be walked round. But unfortunately we arrived in the medieval town later during the evening and I wasn’t able to capture any footage on the iPhone 7+ as it got really dark – what a #LetDown but it’s still a great phone!

Quiberon is situated in the southern part of the Quiberon peninsula, the northern part being the commune of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. It is primarily known as a seaside resort for French tourists during summer, and for its history of sardine production. But obviously, we didn’t go fishing.

Hope you all like the video and have a great day.

Equipment used:
iPhone 7 Plus – https://goo.gl/ANf7Wr
GoPro Hero – https://goo.gl/4418AY
iPhone Tripod – https://goo.gl/myTufq
Premier Pro CC – https://goo.gl/h6ZjNn



Greece – Crete // Travel Video

Hello people,

Manage to finally finish the Crete video from last year! Yes, I know were in 2017. But life gets so busy in London.

I and my friends visited Greece last October for my birthday. We spent a week there, the weather wasn’t too bad, well I mean it didn’t stop us from jumping into the swimming pool.

We hired some quad bikes for the duration of our stay so we had the flexibility of hopping on and going sightseeing and exploring the area. Must say the food was pretty decent but most of the restaurant was trying to replicate English dishes, which makes sense as Greece gets a lot of tourists every year but would have loved to see some traditional dishes.

Overall it was a brilliant stay, the people were friendly and helpful. Will definitely like to revisit one day but explore a different part of Greece.  Enjoy the video.


Equipment used:
iPhone 7 Plus – https://goo.gl/ANf7Wr
GoPro Hero – https://goo.gl/4418AY
iPhone Tripod – https://goo.gl/myTufq
Premier Pro CC – https://goo.gl/h6ZjNn

Spain – Majorca // Travel Video

Hi there all, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here😅.

Friends and I visited Majorca, Spain earlier this year and here is the video! Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some time to upload photographs of the holiday along with some new projects I’ve taken on anyways🤗 have a good evening or a good morning depending on where you are! – 

Life in London: Comic Con 2015 [One of Three]

Hey everyone, I finally went to a Comic Con event and you know what I loved every single moment… I have decided that I will be attending comic con every year now! IT FELT LIKE BEING AT HOME!!!

Thank you to my dear friend Noemi for the ticket, if Mel (Her partner) didn’t opt out I’d be sitting home in front of a screen editing so yes Mel thank you too.

The atmosphere was amazing and I must mention that the crowed were so friendly and polite. It was amazing to see how much effort people put into their costumes some even made their own from scratch.

I leave you with some photographs and more will be uploaded soon. 1 of 3.